A short bio

He was born in Viterbo in 1974.

At the age of two, he woke from a deep coma inside an oxygen tent. They say a miracle by the Blessed Cecilia Eusepi – his great-aunt – brought him back to life. At four years of age, he began asking for a violin, gifted to him by his maternal grandmother on his seventh birthday.

For over two decades, countless projects with international artists and musicians have taken him all over the world, from America to the Middle East, where he lived for a number of years. In 1995, he founded the cultural organization Azione Sperimentale (“Experimental Action”), producing the film and historical document “Stay Human – The Reading Movie” [www.StayHuman.tv], with which he publicly condemns the criminal Zionist politics of the State of Israeli. Creator and producer of artistic events and approaches for expressing dissent, he feels a duty to decipher the growing and urgent need for a true process of artistic, social and intellectual purification, writing the international artistic manifesto ‘Beat2.0’ [www.beatgen.com] in 2016 for this very purpose.

Ph. Pino Bertelli