Strings Activity

Violin, live looping & electronics

There is no testable prediction of Strings Activity.

As an organic body it moves through aether, spreading its nature through waves, vibrating entity with resonating heart and open soul. It has four arms, 2 heads and four eyes, it absorbs and filters the matter it is surrounded by, condensing it into musical forms and giving it back with gratitude.

Delineating their own alphabet for a dialogue between violin and electronics, Renzi and Wiltsch challenge themselves in a brave task, undertaken with humble and spontaneous attitude: to shape a personal interpretation of the relationship between a peculiar improvised approach toward the union of violin and electronics and the exploration of algorithmic balance of rhythmic cycles.

Strings Activity is aiming at an alternative creative dimension, where a familiar concert instrument interacts in real time with a computer, embracing a solid and peculiar bond made out of live-looping, electronic synthesis and constant interplay.


Fulvio Renzi
– Violin, strings

Emanuele Wiltsch Barberio
– Live looping & electronics